Are the Tories dumping Scotland?

Has the Conservative & Unionist party given up on Great Britain?

Their current election campaign could indicate that they are seeking electoral advantage over any effort to preserve the Union.

Firstly, they are trading on the fear that the SNP will have undue influence on Labour. This seems hardly likely to endear themselves to the people of Scotland. After all, most Scottish voters seem to think that the Conservatives have an undue influence on their affairs.

Secondly, they are promoting a referendum on Europe. If this resulted in a vote to come out it would almost certainly inflame Scotland to the extent the independence was inevitable.

Maybe their calculation is that with an independent Scotland, the Conservatives will have an in-built majority in England. And since that is where the majority of people live and where most of the wealth and influence resides, it might not seem a bad trade-off.

Whether the Union can be saved even if the Tories lose is debatable. But I think that will give us more chance of saving it than returning David Cameron to Number 10.