Loose Screen On Nexus 7

My Nexus 7 has required further medical attention to it's screen. The background is that around 3 months ago, I reversed my car over my computer bag. I'd propped it against the rear bumper then forgot all about it when I started the engine.

The result being a terminally damaged laptop and a cracked screen on my Nexus 7. I managed to replace the screen and got it working again, But in the process of removing the broken glass I had to scrape away most of the remaing glue holding the screen to it's plastic support.

All was well for a while but in this last week I've been getting false keypresses, mostly the back button but there were are variety of others in the mix. I realised this was due to the screen moving slightly as I changed my grip. Eventually it became almost unusable.

The solution was to gently lever the screen up from the case, using the plastic tools sent with the replacement screen. With just enough of a gap to insert the nozzle, I squeezed a little superglue around the edge of the plastic support frame and then gently pressed the screen back into place.

So far it has been working fine again. The only downside is that I might be out of luck if I damage the screen again.